AAA Developer Rejects From Blizzard, Riot, Bioware and Epic Games Create “Lightforge Games”

The game development industry is certainly one that’s basically full of cancer. There hasn’t been many games enticing enough in well over a decade now and it basically seems as if all these new upstart indie developers are basically founded by the rejects of larger AAA developers and publishers and that is no exception with […]

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Black Lives Splatter Review – Carmageddon Meets Modern America

Indie games and developers are nothing new or exciting, however in recent years indie games and developers have been flushed straight down the shitter along with the gaming industry for that matter as a whole. The modern “indie developer” these days either consists of an extremely small team of people or a new studio founded […]

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Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin Outsells 2-to-1 on Nintendo Switch Over PS4 After Nintendo Convinces XSEED to Make The Switch

Welcome to the rice fields motherfucker. Another day, another reason to bash Soyny and their dying PlagueStation brand. And today is no different with the recent release of Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin onto the PC, PlayStation 4 and most notably the Nintendo Switch. Developed by indie developers Edelweiss and published by XSEED Games who […]

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