Jensen’s Indecisive Milking – NVIDIA Changes Plans For The GeForce RTX 3080Ti – Will Now Feature 12GB of VRAM with 10240 (5120) CUDA Cores

Congratulations, soon to be 3080 Ti buyers. You get to be on the same level as an RTX 3060. Now there’s no denying that NVIDIA, particularly CEO Jensen Huang has been extremely indecisive when it has come to its specifications of their latest RTX 30-series of graphics cards. Given that the rumors for the RTX […]

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NVIDIA to Abandon Max-Q and Max-P Naming Scheme – RTX Ampere Mobility Dynamic Power Targets Revealed

In all my years of being a PC hardware consumer I haven’t come across quite such an anti-consumer company as either Intel or especially NVIDIA. GeForce RTX 30 series laptops are indeed “The Ultimate Play” and I’ll tell you why. During CES 2021, NVIDIA announced its mobility lineup of its RTX 3000 series. Only three […]

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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080Ti 20GB & RTX 3060 12GB Accidentally Confirmed on ASUS Support Page

If you’re one of the few individuals lucky enough to have had the privilege to purchase yourself one of the honorable Huang’s RTX 3000 graphics cards you may come to regret that as NVIDIA once again treats launch buyers as fodder. Spotted by Twitter user HXL (@9550pro) shows multiple product codes confirming the existence of […]

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