NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Anti-Mining Restriction Also Defeated By A Dummy HDMI Plug – RTX 3060 Mining Rigs Are Now Feasible

Answer: The Dummy After totally “accidentally” releasing insider BETA GeForce drivers that completely remove the restriction for the GeForce RTX 3060’s ETH limiter it would appear that Andreas Schilling over at HardwareLuxx has discovered that even with the insider 470.05 driver version if you were running multiple multiple graphics cards in the same system then […]

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Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake Magic BIOS Finally Arrives to Vindicate Shit Performance – Anandtech Update Shows RKL Now Just 16% Slower Than AMD Zen 3

I don’t exactly know how many times I have to explain the exact same summary of Intel’s pitiful 11th gen stopgap processors, Mindfactory had listed the Intel Core i7-11700K early and of course various customers actually received their processors including Dr. Ian Cutress of Anandtech who went through the hassle of buying the piece of […]

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