Guilty Gear -Strive-

Bridget Retconned as Being Trans in GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-

Another franchise has dug its own grave following suite with the agenda of forcing identity politics upon players with Guilty Gear -Strive- bringing back the character of Bridget while completely retconning him as being transgender, rather than a crossdresser. Because of course, it is the (((current year))) after all, we simply cannot mention that a […]

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PlayStation 4 User Banned from PSN for Uploading Guilty Gear -Strive- In-Game Screenshots

Peak Soyny. We’re well aware of the fact that Sony has a personal vendetta against not only Japan as a country but the Japanese as a whole, be it consumers or especially developers. Sony have gone out of their way into censoring Japanese video game developers for globalist purposes because any sort of “anime” esk […]

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