Bandai Namco Succumbs to Globohomo with New Simplified Logo and Pledge of Diversity

Another Japanese company has fallen to the clutches of the Sodomite Stazi. We already know that corporations such as Square Enix, Konami and most recently CAPCOM have taken the pledge of faggotry allegiance where they’d be more considerate of injecting future titles with diverse bullshit political propaganda.   Now it’s time for another Japanese company […]

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Soyny PlayStation Faces Severe Decline In Japan A Research Institute Finds – Record Low Sales In Region, Lifetime Sales In Doubt – Censorship Most Certainly To Blame

It’s a well known fact that the support for Sony and their PlayStation brand has dwindled over the years in the region of Japan, this mainly boils done to all the endless bullshit interjection coming from Soyny demanding further censorship from Japanese developers. Of course having Soyny having moved their SIE headquarters to the degenerate […]

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