gender transition

Epic Games is Getting Gay With Kids – Fortnite “Rainbow Royale” LGBT Celebration

Because apparently Fortnite wasn’t gay enough as it is. Video games and degeneracy in the form of faggotized propaganda do not mix. But because of the sheer popularity of video games it’s not surprising that cancerous developers and or publishers have been pushing a more diverse agenda within their games. Especially in the form of […]

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[Archive] Jury Rules for the Chemical Castration of a 7-Year-Old Boy, James Younger

Anyone with a modicum of sanity, decency and/or a singular functioning cluster in their brains would understand and agree that forcing a 7-year-old boy to undergo chemical castration because the mother wants to transition him is outright human rights abuse. Unfortunately for James Younger a Dallas Jury and judge does not possess any of the […]

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