Epic Games to Shut Down Fortnite in China Shortly After They Ban Effeminate Men

Based Chinks. No seriously, can you think of any other reason why Epic Games would kneel down to Chairman Mao, shutting down its Chinese exclusive Fortnite services other than the fact that the Chinese government are cracking down on (effeminate) or rather GAY depictions of men. Epic Gaymes may as well be considered a shell […]

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“Gayming Awards” Aims To Subvert The Insult In The Public Mind By Celebrating The Gayness of Games

The word “Gayming” has been throw around a lot over the past couple years, mostly by individuals that have become desaturated from the gayming industry after years of boiling the frog with liberal, political and woke agendas being pushed into video games over the last decade or so. Needless to say I myself haven’t been […]

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