Various Game Studios Pounce on (((Ukraine))) and (((Russia))) Conflict to Virtue Signal

I swear this whole bullshit between Ukraine and Russia, Bolshevik Jews vs Khazar Jews rubs off as being the BLM equivalent of Slavic nations as it primarily serves as a massive opportunity for giant corporations to virtue signal over the conflict between Ukraine and Russia as the goyim didn’t care much for the faggot sovereignty […]

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Factorio Developer Slams SJWs and Cancel Culture – Game Popularity Surges as a Result

Glorious. This is exactly what real gamers actually want to see, not more faggotized trash shoveled in by the bigger game developers or small little indie studios often enough filled with the rejects of such bigger companies but more rather we love to see true and honest developers fight back against the bullshit that SJW […]

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