Spectre V2 Vulnerability Seeks Vengeance Against Intel & ARM CPUs – AMD Unaffected While Mitigations See up to 35% Performance Drop on Intel Systems

Israel Inside, Insecurities Outside. Just to think it has been almost four years since the cover had been lifted upon the fact that Intel Core processors are insecure piles of shit, which I’m sure had nothing to do with single core supremacy from cut corners in branch prediction and execution. Thinking back they were good […]

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Intel Disclose Even More Exploits In Intel Processors – Meet L1TF

Intel is once again in the spotlight as the company has disclosed three severe vulnerabilities for their processors, further adding to the long list of other related faults. Intel have sorted the three new vulnerabilities within the L1 Terminal Fault category (L1TF). I’m glad Intel are finally speaking out about such vulnerabilities rather than damage controlling […]

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