Intel Q2 2020 Earnings Report Confirms Dire Situation and Consumer Disconnection – Record Profits, Desktop Sales Down 14%, Stocks Drop 16% and 7nm Delayed AGAIN

Oh what an absolute glorious day to be alive. Always nice to get some good news every once in awhile and today we’re given a treat. Intel have just announced their earnings for Q2 2020 showing a bleak yet extremely profitable future along with a big yet unsurprising announcement. Intel have recorded record Q2 revenue […]

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AMD Gains Discrete GPU Market Share over NVIDIA in Q2′ 2018

Continuing on from a strong Q1 showing, AMD have taken even more market share from Nvidia in an updated report published by Jon Peddie Research. The report shows a 22% decline in total graphics board shipments over the previous quarter with a 2% increase year-over-year. The decline over the first quarter would likely be the […]

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