Dying Light 2

Chinese Mod for Dying Light 2 De-Faggotizes Lawan

Update: A download link for the mod has been found, if at all interested you may download the mod HERE, with the required password being “1234“ Update 2: The mod has now been uploaded to Nexus Mods and is free to download for anyone, at least until they decide to ban it so get to […]

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Techland Once Again Delays Dying Light 2 for a Third Time – Release Date Moved to February 4 2022

It has been quite the rocky road for Techland, developers of Dead Island (Riptide) and most recently Dying Light following their split with prior publishers Deep Silver. Dying Light for the most part was a critical success with fans eagerly awaiting its sequel following its announcement made during E3 2018, with its initial release planned […]

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