Donald Trump

Trump’s Love of Jew Jew Cum Knows no Bounds – “TRUTH Social” to Remove Hate Speech and Sexually Explicit Content

Free speech, it doesn’t exist anymore. Any platform or site either you or I utilize will either slam down on individuals who partake in wrong think or in worst case scenarios proclaim to be “free speech” but in actuality will ensure that those anti-semetic remarks are kept to an absolute minimum. The bogus claims of […]

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[Archive] Reddit Quarantines The_Donald Sub-Reddit Ahead of Democratic Debates

The 2020 election machine is gearing up and just ahead of the Democratic debates taking place on June 26th, 2019 in Miami, Florida, featuring 20 Democratic Presidential hopefuls, Reddit has quarantined The_Donald sub-reddit. If you attempt to visit the sub at /r/The_Donald/, you’re greeted with a message that the community is “quarantined”. The reason for the […]

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President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order that amends Title VI of the Civil Rights Act to include prohibition of anti-Semitism on federally funded college campuses. NPR did a break down of the news, with both those for and against the order chiming in about the possible implications this could have on free speech on […]

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