Battlefield 2042 Gets Even More Gay with Support for NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex Technology

Battlefield 2042 in my eyes is going to be a massive failure, simply because it’s standardized hero shooter trash with faggotry injected into the mix. Just like how all modern games should be yeah? Nobody needs or wants single player campaigns anymore what we want are online only multiplayer titles with an abundance of different […]

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AMD Brutally Murders NVIDIA’s DLSS With “FSR” FidelityFX Super Resolution – Supports GPU’s Dating Back to RX 500 Series and GTX Pascal

About damn time. AMD has effectively pulled off another FreeSync when it came to their response to NVIDIA’s cancerous DLSS technology, with the announcement of FSR or FidelityFX Super Resolution. Demoed during AMD’s Computex 2021 keynote, FidelityFX Super Resolution or “FSR” was previewed on one of AMD’s sponsored titles, Godfall with Ray Tracing enabled. The […]

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Minecraft Overhauled With DLSS And RTX – Disastrous Performance Yet Visually Stunning

Players of the hit gaming sensation Minecraft will never be able to see their blocks the same way again as the long-awaited Ray Tracing implementation is finally becoming reality with Nvidia announcing its RTX Beta release to Minecraft for Windows 10 launching on Thursday, April 16. The RTX Beta will bring realistic shadows, lighting and […]

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