Ubisoft Removing Online Services of Several Games – Owners on Steam to Lose Access to DLC Content

Well shiver me bloody timbers, yet another valiant reason to set sail for the high seas. It’s becoming a joke at this point, having to repeat myself, time and time again. If you’re shackled by consumerism of digitized media on kiked distribution services and platforms such as Valve’s Steam storefront you are susceptible to having […]

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BMW Gets (((Creative))) With In-Car Microtransactions

Are you excited for an all digital future? Digitized I.D, Social Crediting systems, electric vehicles with more and more complex computering and monitoring systems, and that’s just the start of it all. Eventually, a brand new car will be nothing more than a monitoring system tailored to your identity, tracking your every movement and perhaps […]

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Ubisoft Responds To Anger Over Kassandra Getting Pregnant In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC

There’s a lot of faux outrage surrounding the outcome of a forced storyline involving the main characters from Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey in the DLC titled Legacy of the First Blade. The DLC features a fixed story where Alexios or Kassandra has to hook up with another NPC and make a baby to carry on their lineage. Some […]

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