Intel Finally Gets an ARC Alchemist GPU Out The Door With the A370M on March 30th – Entry Level Mobile Graphics with Laughable Performance

GPUs in Laptops, why even bother. Intel has finally unveiled its upcoming ARC Alchemist series of graphics cards, or more rather they’ve unveiled the unveiling of their upcoming ARC Alchemist Graphics Cards as the company intends to fulfil its promise of “launching” something within the first quarter. Now what exactly will Intel be officially launching […]

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Intel Showcases Xe-HPG (DG2-512) GPU Featuring 4096 Cores

It’s already been well documented at this point that Intel’s DG1, their first foray into the discrete graphics card market was an utter failure. With the DG1 essentially being built utilizing the Xe-LP design which is just a funny term for saying that it’s basically the same as the integrated graphics found in Tiger Lake […]

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