Sony Wastes $3.6Billion on Retarded Bungie Acquisition

Soyny fangays rejoice! In an obvious act of retaliation for Microsoft blowing up the presses with their acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Sony thought they could ignite a similar spark by purchasing Bungie, formally of the Activision stronghold for the sum of $3.6 Billion dollars. As mentioned before as Microsoft bought out Activision, the eventually of […]

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From Black to BLACKED – Bungie Continues Political Pandering With “Women at Bungie”

Remember Black at Bungie? In case you may have forgotten a couple of months back Bungie, the disgraceful developers of the Halo franchise and laughably cancerous Destiny duology decided to put more emphasis with woke pandering by supporting the domestic terrorists that plague America…. Black Lives Matter. Essentially what Black at Bungie intended to do […]

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Bungie Gets BLACKED – Introducing “Black at Bungie”

Video game developers and publishers have been going all out in recent months virtue signaling over the death of controversial suicide of a criminal drug addict who just so happened to be black. Bungie themselves are no stranger to advocating domestic terrorism in the form of Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter — Bungie […]

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