Dark Souls

FromSoftware Signs its Death Warrant Following 30.34% Acquisition by Sony and Tencent in Joint Venture

The writing has been on the wall for ages, I’m honestly shocked nobody bought them sooner. Two of the most cancerous companies on the planet, Sony and Tencent have joined forces in buying up 30.34% of shares of FromSoftware from KADOKAWA. Elden Ring’s success isn’t much of a surprise, normies all over the globe have […]

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Elden Ring Leaked Character Customization Allows WOKE Manface Troons

Video Gaming for the most part has been dead for countless years already, as the video game industry as a whole slowly but surely succumbs to globohomo policies filled with degeneracy, inclusivity or just asinine woke garbage. Japan has been the staple for the last remaining nation to conform to globohomo standards but we’ve seen […]

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