Square Enix Once Again Reminds Us Of Their Faggotry With Final Fantasy VII Remake’s “Gender Inclusive” Honeybee Inn

Why is this even news at this point? We’ve already gone over the dramatically altered “Honeybee Inn” featured in the sensitized partial “remake” of Final Fantasy VII once before. But it seems the hubris of the staff behind this atrociously woke “remake” certainly knows no bounds if a new interview is anything to go by. […]

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Bridget Retconned as Being Trans in GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE-

Another franchise has dug its own grave following suite with the agenda of forcing identity politics upon players with Guilty Gear -Strive- bringing back the character of Bridget while completely retconning him as being transgender, rather than a crossdresser. Because of course, it is the (((current year))) after all, we simply cannot mention that a […]

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