Genshin Impact Player Banned for Insulting Communistical China

Say it ain’t so, a product of the CCP banning individuals who condemn their lovely communistical utopia? Much like Overwatch, the only “positive” thing that Genshin Impact has brought to the table if you can even consider it a good thing, is pornography. Endless pornography. Aside from all that Genshin Impact is an emmensely popular […]

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Fallout 76 and Life is Strange: True Colors Under Fire by Chinese Review Bombing for Anti-Communist Hersey

I just fucking love it when evil undoubtedly eats itself, and here we have a major win as we watch commies rip and tear into garbage SJW infested gaymes with a torrential flood of negative reviews. To kick things off, Fallout 76 is a fucking horrible game, initially plagued with bugs, glitches and of course […]

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Chinese Cryptocurrency Crackdown – Second Hand Markets Flooded with Graphics Cards

Fuck miners/minors/minorities. China seemingly has had a massive hardon for cracking down on cryptocurrency mining operations after seemingly banning such practices, considering that China is responsible for majority of the cumulative hashrate among networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum this has resulted in such miners either forcefully or preemptively shutting down their entire operations and […]

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