Borderlands 2

Cash Grab Inception – Gearbox Desperately Repackages Borderlands 2 DLC as Standalone Title

Fuck you Randy. 2K Games and Take-Jew Interactive can all go fuck themselves as well. Gearbox is desperate, I mean why wouldn’t they be? With the entire studio embroiled in faggotry, headed by notorious pedophile and magic connoisseur Randy Pitchford. Now Gearbox Software may have been swallowed whole by the Embracer Group (THQ Nordic) early […]

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[Archive] Gearbox’s Controversies And Anti-Consumer Behavior Recounted In YouTube Video

The reputation of Gearbox Software is one that went from an undulating wave into a straight slant off the side of a cliff. It’s not hard to see why the company’s rep has been tarnished over the years; it wasn’t just one incident that dispelled any sense of enamor with the development outfit, it was […]

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