Battlefield 2042 Associate Producer Supports Castrating All Children

Battlefield 2042 is a massive woke pile of absolute shit, aside from DICE collectively stealing all the cancerous bullshit of hero shooters that have released over the last few years completely revamping the entire class system with these cookie cutter inclusive specialists. The game itself is generally a buggy mess like Battlefield tends to be […]

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Battlefield 2042 Was Such A Massive “Success” Its Head of Design Has Jumped Ship From DICE

Cya cunt. There’s no surprises here when I say that EA’s latest train wreck, Battlefield 2042 is a spectacular failure, following onwards from the whole progressively getting more and more woke while coincidentally sales head straight for the shitter, EA DICE just don’t seem to learn a thing following Battlefield 1, Battlefield V and whatever […]

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