Toy Vey – Subversive “Santa Inc.” Trailer Bastardized With Hilarious Anti-Semitic Comments

What’s this? An episodic adult animation series on HBO about Christmas produced ENTIRELY by Jews? What could go wrong. Everything in fact, if you’re a kike that is. Say hello to “Santa Inc.” or Satanic, from the makers of the raunchy subversive “Sausage Party” animated film I would put my utmost faith in these parasitic […]

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Jesus Strikes Back Developer 2GenPro Banned From Steam

“We’re not the taste police.” I remember a time when Valve stated that they weren’t going to be the “taste police” in regards to game titles released on Steam only to immediately turn around and ban several anime-esk video games off its storefront whether they contained sexual content or not. Such titles as “The Key […]

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