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Halo Infinite Gets Even More Laughable As It Will Launch Without Co-op Campaign or Forge Mode

Why release games that are actually complete amiright? Remember the times when one could simply purchase a game, insert a disc and simply start playing? Well those days are long since behind us as the modern video gayme is simply unfinished upon release and of course we as consumers get anally ravaged by tumor-esk day […]

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Apex Legends Lead Designer Daniel Z Klein Fired by Respawn Entertainment for Offensive Posts Made 14 Years Ago

A man’s career has just been James Gunn(ed) down. No, you didn’t read the headline wrong, somebody has literally been given the sack not once but twice after their “controversial” posts made 14 goddamn years ago resurfaced sprouting controversy. Poor fucking soul. Daniel Z Klein, you may not know him or neither do I for […]

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EA’s Woke Agenda Reaches New Low – Japanese Player Hit With Racism (Hate Speech) Ban Because He Spoke Japanese?

April Fools, or is it really? Because for many years now the joyous holiday of pranks and laughter has devolved to the point where the actual “pranks” are actually the horrific reality that we currently face. And the reality that we do face is forced compliance of political correctness when it comes to how we […]

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