(((Crunchyroll))) Acquires RightStufAnime Retailer, Immediately Removes Adult Content

Sony have once again increased their subversive stronghold of localized anime media and properties with subsidiary, Crunchyroll taking an interest in buying out western retail outfit, Right Stuf. Though I myself have just discovered Right Stuf thanks to this acquisition, they’ve been around for a very long time. Right Stuf essentially offers various Japanese anime […]

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Fate/Grand Order Changes Emiya Alter’s Face After Localizer Infers The Design Was Racist

A localization producer named Albert Kao revealed in a Q&A panel at the Anime Weekend in at Atalanta back in 2018, that there were various things that had to be changed in Delightworks and Aniplex’s Fate/Grand Order for mobile devices, including slightly changing the face of Emiya Alter because the localizer apparently believed the character represented blackface. […]

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[Archive] We Never Learn!: Bokuben Anime Subs Co-opted With Identity Politics

Identity politics doesn’t just move in one direction, it involves a myriad of beliefs and principles. When exercised within their own domain most people don’t mind and don’t care. When taken outside of their political domain and placed inside the circle of media entertainment, it becomes distracting and obtrusive. Well, Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai!, known […]

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