(((Washington Post))) Demands Game Developers Virtue Signal Over Abortion Rights

Video Games and abortions, do these two completely different things actually have common ground? Apart from the fact how the modern gaymer should’ve been aborted. No, they fucking don’t. Abortion and Video Games have no correleation. Where do I personally stand on the matter of “Roe vs. Wade”?, I haven’t the slightest fucking clue on […]

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Tripwire Interactive President, John Gibson Ousted Following Liberal Mob Outrage for Supporting Texas Abortion Law

(((Politics))) in the video game industry, it’s only acceptable unless it’s wrong think, and today another individual falls victim of expressing their hateful and biggoted opinions on the internet. As you may already know, Texas recently got an abortion law past the supreme court that allows anyone who isn’t an absolute kikesucker to sue to […]

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