Damage Control Shattered – NVIDIA Backpedals From “Demand” Driven RTX 3000 Series Shortages – CFO Confirms Silicon Wafer Supply Issues

Looks like there’s some trouble in paradise. Remember when NVIDIA tried to downplay the severity of Ampere’s clusterfuck release? What with defective cards crashing at stock frequencies stemmed from NVIDIA hammering the garbage Samsung 10nm node well beyond its efficiency sweet spot. In actual fact they’ve thrown their AIB partners under the bus regarding that […]

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It Just Doesn’t Work – Reports of Crashes and Artifacts Stemming From Clockspeed Instability with NVIDIA RTX 3080 GPUs – Ampere Pushed Beyond Foundry Specification?

With the recent paper launch of NVIDIA’s RTX 3080 graphics card, consumers who have been lucky enough to actually get their hands on one can finally be at ease as they can now finally play some video games on their brand new Ampere GPU… or can they? Because “It Just Works” says CEO Jensen Huang. […]

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