NVIDIA GeForce Partner Program to make its Return Exclusive to the Chinese Market? – Combatting AMD Radeon RX 6000M Laptops

Remember GPP? The GeForce Partner Program was a deceitful tactic that NVIDIA originally tried back in 2018, GPP was marketed by NVIDIA as a means of “transparency” in the PC market similar to how NVIDIA supported transparency by removing the Max-Q and Max-P labeling for their RTX 3000 series mobile graphics cards. By “transparency” I […]

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RDNA 2 Mobile Starts With A Flop? AMD Radeon RX 6800M To Be Based on Navi 22

As you may recall I was endlessly shitting on and laughing at NVIDIA as RTX 3000 series mobile graphics cards surfaced in the wild revealing the RTX 3080 Mobile to be based on GA104 rather than GA102, probably due to power constraints as Ampere is woefully inefficient. The RTX 3070, also based on GA104 however […]

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