Intel Continues Clutching At Straws With More “Real World” Performance Claims

Here we go once again folks, I’m almost sick and tired of discussing this very topic on repeat but Intel themselves accompanied by the deceptive and oh so retarded Ryan Shrout and made yet another desperate attempt at pulling themselves back up. Ryan Shrout has done nothing but construct bullshit comparative figures, most notably is […]

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Intel Core i9-10900K Review Surfaces – Same Old Skylake, Shit Value And Hotter Than Before

An early review of the i9-10900K which is the flagship CPU of Intel’s upcoming 10th generation of processors has surfaced online before the manufacturer review embargo had been lifted. The review surfaced was uploaded by what appears to be a fur-faggot going by “TecLab” on the Chinese Bilibili platform, in the review TecLab pairs the […]

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