Halo Infinite MP Microtransactions Have Been Datamined – Over $1000 Worth of Locked CONSOOMABLES

As the old saying goes – “When something is free, you are the product.” And yet this is just how modern gayming is, with the latest generation consoles servicing as a means of pushing you into their online subscription or perhaps the XBOX Game Pass. Microtransactions are a lucrative business because they’re a means of […]

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AMD Partners With Microsoft Revealing Limited Edition Halo Infinite Themed Radeon RX 6900 XT

I didn’t think anyone would stand up to NVIDIA’s challenge in terms of exclusive branded trash hardware, such as the Star Wars themed Titan X(p) and the Hilariously shit Cyberpunk 2077 exclusive RTX 2080 Ti. However AMD have partnered up with Microsoft to reveal their own contribution to consoomer fodder trash with a Halo Infinite […]

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