Peak Consoomer – ASUS Will Give You a CHANCE to Purchase a TUF RTX 3070Ti at MSRP

Hitler had the right idea with national socialism, because looking at this bullshit right here It might be time to rethink (((capitalism))). Are you sick and tired of these insane GPU prices? GPU prices for the better part of over a year have been abnormally high due to increased demand by cryptocurrency miners, dumb retarded […]

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Low Yields? Lower Expectations! – NVIDIA Allegedly Planning Another GA102 Cutdown With 7424 (3712) Cores?

Remember when I reported on the horrible yields leaked for the GA104 core? NVIDIA had set a control target of 50% and the overall yields were 63.35%. Calculated from this it was expected that GA102 would have yields around the 40% mark. Which is fucking horrible, even when utilizing new fabs and new technology. So […]

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