10th Generation

God of War: Ragnarok Gets Woke With Disgusting Fat Thor With “Blasian” Race Swapped Angrboda

Niggers in Norse mythology? Sure, why not. Soyny recently held its PlayStation Showcase of 2021 of which contains a verity of announcements of games for their latest PlagueStation console, the PS5. Among the trash heap that was announced happened to be the next installment of the God of War franchise following its 2018 reboot, God […]

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Intel Rebrands Their Stock Cooler – Same Shit Design Gets A New Paint Job

It seems Intel not only are capable of rebranding their Skylake processors but have decided to dip their toes in rebranding their age old garbage stock cooler with the recently released 10th generation of Intel Core processors. Back In Black Yes, Intel has finally thrown the world a bone by simply painting their turd of […]

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