Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mod Finally Restores Pyra and Mythra’s Original Outfits
10 March 2021
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Just a couple of days ago I’ve gone on about a mod to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that enhances the newly added characters in the form of Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade 2.

The mod in question added some much needed jiggle physics to their arsenal of racks, however the mod in question was met with a negative reception from puritan faggots on Twitter who seem to believe bouncing tits are on the same level of depravity as the abundance of sexual deviants lurking within the smash community.

I voiced my concern over the fact that modders sooner added breast jiggling compared to resolving the critical issue that plagues the recent addition of Pyra and Mythra into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which obviously would be the “adjustments” or censorship of their main outfit design.

The main changes that Pyra and Mythra have gone through with their Smash design would be that both characters have leggings covering up any exposed legs and thighs along with Mythra having a partial amount of cleavage also covered up as well.

While Pyra has an extra piece of gold added to her backside of which covers up her ass crack…. which was already concealed quite enough already but I guess we’re just not allowed to have anything good in life.

Well censorship no more as a courageous degenerate who goes by “Miguel92398” has restored both Pyra and Mythra to their glorious forms from Xenoblade 2.

First and foremost are screenshots of the “new” / old Pyra in action.

And of course Mythra gets some much needed love too.

Sadly while the mod isn’t available to download just yet, you’re more than welcome to keep up to date as Miguel92398’s progression continues over on GameBanana.

However as a bonus it would seem that things are heating up as yet another Smash modder who goes by LN_310 has teased the import of swimsuit outfits for Rex, Pyra and Mythra with a supposed release date for the 12th of March.

With this particular mod in question adding in the “Pro Swimmer Pyra”, “Radiant Beach Mythra” and “Cloud Sea Shark Rex” DLC outfits from Xenoblade 2 into Smash Ultimate.

Because forget battling, it’s time to go swimming. If you’re interested you may want to keep an ear out for when LN_310 releases the swimsuit mod for Pyra, Mythra and Rex to help them cool off on March 12th.


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