Steam SJWs Review Bomb “Domina” for Ridiculing Face Masks – Dev Fires Back
14 March 2022
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Just in case you needed that little bit more proof that Steam, and the Steam Community Forums may as well be considered Reddit.

Review bombing on Steam has become ever so popular in recent months, be it for righteous reasons such as developers getting political / virtue signaling or simply because a bunch of angry liberal faggots are just a little bit ticked off because a particular developer just won’t follow the (((narrative))).

Masks don’t work, they never did or ever will. But wearing a mask for “safety” isn’t actually the prerogative here because (((fear))) directly corresponds to compliance. The illusive threat of COVID alongside having basic human rights stripped is the ultimate weapon or so we were lead to believe.

I mean who cares now anyway, the narrative switched from GOYVID to Russia in a matter of mere few days, though it seems liberal faggots just want to wear their facial condoms forever.

Long ago were the days that review bombs were only sparked simply from developers dropping a massive turd or something to do about their usual kike behavior, now it’s just entirely politics now.

Domina is a rather niche game, described as a gladiator management simulator, Domina is filled with luscious pixelated blood and gore. Having released back in 2017 it has amassed, at least overall anyway very positive reviews on Steam. So in all likelihood Domina might actually be a fairly decent game.

Though of course liberal faggots simply won’t let people be happy unless they kneel towards their sick and twisted beliefs.

Domina recently had a game update on March 9th with general bug fixes, performance optimizations and game rebalancing, the “problem” arose when in the patch notes the developers, Dolphin Barn Incorporated took it as an opportunity to lash out and rightfully ridicule facial masked faggots.

With the official patch notes having this to say regarding those who wear a face mask:

TAKE OFF THE FCKN MASKS – Next time you’re at the grocery store, try showing a woman your face. Be confident, unafraid of the LIES — you might get a girlfriend. Women like confidence. Women don’t like dudes who cover their faces in fear. What are you afraid of? Getting laid? Grow up.

Damn fucking straight.

Clearly the liberal SJWs that now infest Steam didn’t take too kindly in being called submissive virgins as negative reviews for Domina then started to appear following the patch notes, with only 4 negative reviews on March 9th and just 3 more negative reviews the day following it’s fairly obvious that disgruntled faggot gaymers needed a little army, and what better way to seek out fellow enraged liberal faggots than Reddit.

Since Domina’s patch notes became public in the space of the world’s largest liberal hugbox the negative reviews then came flooding with 256 negative reviews alone being made on the 12th of March followed by a further 365 negative reviews being made on the 13th.

In light of the review bombing, there still remains likeminded individuals seeing beyond the heresy of the sodomite stazi brigade as they make rather futile attempts in giving Domina positive reviews instead.

Domina is an extremely unique indie title in the sense that it was actually developed by an actual straight man and that the finalized product doesn’t glorify bullshit political or diversity agendas, while the developer may have to wade through the onslaught of liberal faggots at the very least he can take pride in the fact that these SJWs for the most part aren’t eligible for refunds granted they’ve actually played the game.

It’s so refreshing to actually see a non-pozzed Indie game make waves again, because the developer of Domina isn’t taking this shit lying down either. Responding to the army of front fringes, certainly not backing down nor apologizing for “offending” mental midgets.

Instead Domina’s developer took to Twitter to add more fuel to the fire now that this whole ordeal has come to light which is certainly the right approach.

While mask bearing faggots can screech in hopes that cancel culture will consume Domina, he’s taking this opportunity in the spotlight as a means of promotion to potential customers who don’t pride themselves on government compliance and bullshit “science”.

Domina is just another game that is being targeted by the woke mob, and especially with its developer taking a firm stance the only rational move now would be for us to repay his actions in kind by purchasing Domina on Steam, if not just to spite SJW faggots but to also side with what few honest game developers actually remain in clown world.

(Thank you “Ace7” for the news tip)

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