Square Enix Pushes Non-Binary Gender Options in HARVESTELLA
15 September 2022
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It genuinely seems that Queer Enix is doing all they possibly can to attract attention today, having recently announced their foray into the many companies set to lose money investing into cryptocurrency, partnering up with Oasys, Square Enix simply cannot help themselves.

Square Enix is a company on the brink of collapse, they are just as desperate for money as they are for interjecting woke political agendas in their content…. and they wonder why their shit just doesn’t sell anymore.

The company lives and breaths milking the Final Fantasy franchise that they themselves had dragged through the ground, much like the Tomb Raider franchise of which they just sold to the (((Embracer Group))), Square Enix has seemingly all will of enticing audiences with new IPs.

Considering how they’d much rather dig up older IPs and butcher them with arbitrary censorship such as they’ve done recently with Chrono Cross.

Pixelated undergarments aside, Square Enix is high off the drug trip of faggotry with no immediate plans to stop anytime soon, just like every other large Japanese corporation that focuses attention in universal markets, Square Enix has fallen victim to the vice grip of ZOG.

Nintendo recently held another one of their frequent “Nintendo Direct” livestreams where an abundance of new games were announced, majority of which look to be rather bland Japanese RPG titles and or life simulation games, about 90% of which are coming to PC.


One of which is Fire Emblem Engage, which seemingly has gone off the deep end when it comes to desperately trying to capture the attention of women and or fudge packersexuals with its overtly colorful character designs, alongside having male characters appear more feminine while the actual female characters lose their feminine charms.

Harvestella is another “farming” type game, developed by Live Wire Inc who are more or less known for the 2D side scroller Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights.

Harvestella is being published by Square Enix, that alone probably explains the very generic visuals among other things, Harvestella will probably be forgotten the week after release, hell, the only actual reason people probably even know of the game is simply because of the sort of faggotry that Square Enix have pushed onto the developers themselves.

A prologue demo for the game has already been made available and right off the bat there’s a distinct option to set the gender of your in-game character as non-binary.

The more likely scenario is that Square Enix have pushed this sort of agenda onto the developers, considering how they’ve raved on about catering towards “modern sensibilities” with the Final Fantasy 7 Remake being designed from a “gender free perspective”.

Not just exclusive to western regions, this inclusive bullshit is being peddled on the Japanese version of the game as well with the non-binary option being labeled as “ニュートラル” which translates as neutral.

Regardless of whichever gender preset you’ve selected you can actually select the body type of the opposite gender regardless of being male of female.

Along with being black.

Just about everything Square Enix touches comes back to bite them in the ass financially, with their most recent flops being a mixture of Trials of Mana, Just Cause 4, OUTRIDERS and quite literally whatever else the company has published.


Let it also be known that Square Enix are focusing a lot of energy towards Forspoken which releases early next year, the game features a disfigured niggeress as the main character.

Time after time WOKE failures certainly haven’t stopped Square Enix for doing all they possibly can in catering towards western audiences of non-gamers.

Naturally, the faggots that plague communities such as Reddit, Twitter and ResetERA, folks who don’t actually play video games are praising the inclusivity gender option in Harvestella.

The word “based” means absolutely nothing in this day and age, much like how everything or everyone who doesn’t adhere to the pedophilic nature of the radical leftist is automatically deemed to be a “Nazi”, the word “based” has been subverted by these faggotized parasites into meaning just about anything that an individual supports.

Whether or not you’re a mentally ill tranny, rest assured that you can grow all

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