Square Enix Once Again Reminds Us Of Their Faggotry With Final Fantasy VII Remake’s “Gender Inclusive” Honeybee Inn
18 August 2022
Crossdressing Final Fantasy VII Remake gender neutral Honeybee Inn progressive Square Enix woke

Why is this even news at this point? We’ve already gone over the dramatically altered “Honeybee Inn” featured in the sensitized partial “remake” of Final Fantasy VII once before.

But it seems the hubris of the staff behind this atrociously woke “remake” certainly knows no bounds if a new interview is anything to go by.

Square Enix published a blog post featuring commentary from designers, directors and more, summarizes the Honeybee Inn and its many changes.

The most notable example would be Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Co-Director, Motomu Toriyama who had this to say:

Q: The entire Honeybee Inn section of the game has been praised by both fans and critics alike for being tasteful and respectful. Keeping in mind that this is all brand-new compared to the original FFVII it can’t have been easy to write this entire section from scratch. How did this come together?

A: We had decided to change the original FFVII’s Honeybee Inn episode from a gender free perspective right from the start of development. We remade the whole scene as a song and dance show, in order to make it the big stage for Cloud’s cross-dressing event and to give it a “maximum showbusiness” vibe as part of the Remake story.

We collected together references of dance shows and decided on an overall direction, then tentatively edited that footage together while adding music and lyrics, before going even further and setting down the choreography. I think that just that preparatory phase here took up the longest period in the whole development.

Of course, considering it has been the “current year” for almost an entire decade it would make sense that a modernized “remake” would shift dramatically away from the original script for the soul purpose of pandering towards faggots with inclusivity bullshit.

Hidekazu Miyaki, the cutscene director for the remake had this to say in regards to whether or not the crossdressing scene between Cloud and Andrea was choreographed utilizing motion capture.

Changing Andrea to the owner of the Honeybee Inn had a big influence on the dance scene. We put together a concept video based on cabaret show reviews and then had the choreography worked up based on that reference and the music.

From the initial planning stages we wanted to have nods to the original FFVII in the dancing. We originally thought about having things happen to break up the show, but having the characters draw weapons felt too abrupt and would not fit with the scene, so we changed it so they took up distinctive poses instead.

If players have picked up on these touches then I think that fortune has smiled on our direction and presentation. It feels like an added bonus for all the effort that we put in.

Square Enix have gone above and beyond pushing this sort of cancerous garbage upon the Final Fantasy player base, by having their own crossdressing Cloud figure produced pandering to degenerate faggots world wide.

Final Fantasy VII’s original design for the Honeybee Inn was more or less a brothel run by the infamous Don Corneo, but of course such themes wouldn’t be tolerable by today’s audience of soylent consoomers and radical progressives who don’t actually play video games.

So naturally, Square Enix used the Honeybee Inn as a means of subverting the original in favor of winning over some brownie points with a “gender free perspective”, no longer a disgusting brothel the Honeybee Inn has been transformed into a strong and independent gay cabaret club.

This has served them well considering the company as a whole is hemorrhaging money on everything that isn’t to do with Final Fantasy and whatever else “Pixel Remakes” they continue to push.

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