Square Enix Makes Retarded Claims Regarding Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s PS5 Exclusivity
14 July 2022
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Muh ess ess dee.

Square Enix is just one of several major Japanese developer / publishing corporations that has fallen under the Grabblerish spell of globofudge packer faggotry in recent years with the company’s standards and products taking a receptive hit in regards to being woke and more “inclusive” for western audiences.

Square Enix has rather enjoyed reviving games from their archive only to give them half-arsed remakes to push towards their increasingly gay fanbase, or to simply sell for the sake of nostalgia. Consumers have noticed the increase push towards inclusivity from Square following “Pixel Remasters” of Final Fantasy titles that are no doubt inferior to their original releases, along with their remake of Chrono Cross being hilariously censored in Japan and Western provinces.

But when it comes to actually making games, rather than butchering products to sell them for nostalgia’s sake, the remake of Final Fantasy 7 certainly comes to mind in regards to faggotry and Grabblerishness.

Despite being a remake you’d probably imagine that Square Enix would actually feature the whole game, but no, that’s asking for too much obviously. With the remake of Final Fantasy VII featuring major changes to the Honey Bee Inn among several other areas and aspects including the removal of “jiggle physics” and reducing the size of character cleavage.

Naturally, these changes have made Final Fantasy VII’s Remake a globalized “success” despite it actually being a Sony exclusive title, or rather WAS an exclusive title, with Final Fantasy VII’s Remake initially being a Sony PS4 exclusive title, only to get the “revamped” treatment for the PS5 with its “Intergrade” release which people seemingly bought.

So much so the game itself was hyped and received rather well from the intended soy audience when it finally landed on PC one and a half years after its original release introducing the new staple of a $70 price tag, oh and it was an Epic Game Store exclusive to boot.

Why would you expect to receive the full game in a remake, because that would close the door to Square Enix selling you its continuation at your own expense.

So, the continuation of the remake, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth doesn’t necessarily have a release date but that hasn’t stopped Square Enix from taking Sony’s shekels yet again by making it a Sony PlayStation exclusive title when it does eventually release.

Which isn’t much of a surprise, but of course a company such as Square Enix wouldn’t come out in the open about taking exclusivity bribes.

But the actual reasoning behind as to why Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is an exclusive to Sony’s PS5 is hilariously retarded.

Executive producer of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Yoshinori Kitase spoke in an interview with Japanese publication known as “Gamer”.

It’s during this interview where Yoshinori Kitase gave his hilarious response in regards to the PlayStation 5 exclusivity.

Naturally, Google translate isn’t all that effective conveying Japanese to the English language however it’s fairly clear for all to see that when translating the interview Kitase’s reasoning as to why exactly Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a PS5 exclusive title is down to the sheer “graphical quality” and the SSD speed of the PlayStation 5 because apparently loading times are a major factor now.

SSD: Sony Sends Dollars

Both of which are complete and utter bullshit, just another excuse to validate corporate scheming and developer laziness in optimizing for obsolete hardware such as the PS4 (PRO), various other game developers have come out with the same copy paste line propping up the “speed” of the PlayStation 5’s internal storage.

Such as Godfall, released back in late 2020, developers Counterplay Games touted its technological prowess and PS5 exclusivity due to its allegedly impressive solid state drive when it comes to effective read and write speeds.

Of course, the game did eventually find its way onto the PC alongside a PS4 release just six months later, though do please ignore the fact how Godfall did release for the XBOX One and XBOX Series X/S consoles in April of this year.

Expanded and Enhanced.

But of course, it’s the current year so who am I to judge the rambunctious claims of internal storage contributing to increased console performance despite the fact that the PS5 is at a massive technological disadvantage compared to rival systems or god forbid someone builds a PC.

The real revolution of the PS5 aside from the overheating concerns is that both its GPU and CPU features flexible frequencies (due to overheating) where either the CPU or GPU can be downclocked while the other is raised, or perhaps a mixture of garbage for both components.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is utter garbage, nude mods simply do not reverse the benign faggotry that lies within and we all know that Rebirth will also be garbage, considering how consideration for the original title has been cast aside with these partial demakes being made tailored towards consumers who’ve never experienced the originals.

But it also goes to show just how far the industry has fallen, where the likes of Square Enix push out a “remake” that features a fraction of the original content, sold exclusively on a single console platform only to then be released a year following on the PC with a timed exclusive deal with Epic Games.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth releasing on PC is a certainty, but this kind of laziness and Grabblerish ethics paint the whole picture that this industry is beyond salvage, nickel and dime your entire userbase taking every single exclusivity deal you can manage, all to the eventuality of a broken PC port for the second time consecutively.

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