Square Enix Doubles Down on Woke Faggotry
6 November 2022
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The dramatic decline of Squaresoft / Square Enix has been well documented…. and I mean WELL documented, as the once Japanese corporation follows through with their plan of becoming a globalized brand.

I mean the company itself has an “ETHICS DEPARTMENT“, Square Enix is well beyond salvation at this stage.

Square Enix these days essentially lives entirely from ancient IP’s to bastardize through woke and censored re-releases and remasters, such as Final Fantasy and Chrono Cross.

Though to be entirely fair my words don’t exactly carry much weight when it comes to Square Enix, for I have only experienced a single Squaresoft title throughout my entire life, but at least I’m confident in saying it’s one of the greatest games I’ve ever played.

All for the pursuit of globalized shekels, Square Enix have gone above and beyond for sensitivity pandering going as far as to dramatically alter localized translations of these re-released titles and altering various costumes because PS1-era pantsu is a concern.

Recently however, Square Enix have been nonsensically pushing its faggotized partial “remakes” of Final Fantasy VII which I’ve gone over probably more times than Square has done a HD re-release of a Final Fantasy title, excluding their one AND ONLY cash cow, Square Enix have also been pushing identity politics in its latest published pile of shit, HARVESTELLA.

HARVESTELLA is your typical “JRPG” life simulation title, there’s nothing exactly fancy about it in particular only that it is being published by Square Enix, the game itself apparently released for Nintendo Switch and PC systems a couple of days ago and has generally gone unnoticed, possibly an indicator of how good the game actually is.

Anyways, the problem with HARVESTELLA was quickly found following its Nintendo Direct announcement that players could select “non-binary” gender options in-game, obviously as an attempt to pander towards modern sensibilities.

Upon the games actual release it would seem that Square Enix themselves have taken the opportunity to virtue signal over their accomplishment of incorporating a non-binary gender option in HARVESTELLA, because it’s never enough for these corporations to push this sort of bullshit down consumers throats, oh no, they MUST whenever possible “speak out” for “marginalized groups” putting faggotry on a pedestal for brownie points.

During an interview with the dirty Yiddler-a-roach shills of Eurogamer, HARVESTELLA’s producer, Daisuke Taka spoke out on the inclusivity of their game and the wonders that non-binary mental illness brings to the gaming industry.

I hope Eurogamer’s translations are as credible as their in-depth visual analysis of NVIDIA’s DLSS technology because Daisuke Taka apparently said that non-binary representation in video games is a rarity, but for he and his team working on HARVESTELLA non-binary inclusivity feels “completely normal”.

“I think it’s completely normal these days for non-binary to be included in gender selection,”

“The visibility of gender non-conforming people has become much more commonplace, so we thought it was important to reflect this within the game and show that all players are welcome to Harvestella.”

“Using gender-neutral pronouns takes a relatively small amount of effort, yet the positive impact is huge, as it means you are making the effort to include everyone – and our game is for everyone,”

“There’s no major impact on the game other than pronouns changing, but we hope that this means everyone feels included.”

“The protagonist of Harvestella is the player, we thought it was important to have the player create their own character, selecting different elements, including gender, appearance, voice and name.”

“We felt this was important so players aren’t limited, and feel free to express themselves however they want and as a result are much more attached to their character.”

HARVESTELLA is being praised by the (((press))) as being a leap forwards for the “bigots” of Square Enix who have throughout its entire history never once provided gay, trans or non-binary gender options for any of its games, despite of course making the goyim sit through disgusting cross dressing galore in the so called Final Fantasy VII Remake.

These faggots continue to preach that LGBT representation is commonplace, tolerable and accepted, where it most certainly is when it comes to leftist social platforms such as Reddit and Twitter but when it comes to actual consumers? I don’t think so, affirming mental illnesses for brownie points has always led to particular franchises collapsing upon itself and going broke.

I only wished it just ended here but apparently not, as mentioned above the only thing keeping Square Enix alive are butchering old franchises with censorship and adjustments made to the core game itself and its localization.

Star Ocean is a long running franchise, developed by tri-Ace and published by Square Enix, and coincidentally enough it just had another installment, the sixth in the Star Ocean franchise, dubbed “The Divine Force” was released to all major platforms including the PC on October 27th.

The game itself is a typical modernized action focused JRPG title, however in typical fashion for Square Enix it was discovered that its English translation of course has deviated from its original Japanese version about as far as can possibly be.

The effective English localization doesn’t just stray off from its original context but is outright modified to remove any and all suggestive elements, this wasn’t the efforts of some shmuck localizer but more rather another tranny lol-cow-izer pushing an agenda maliciously.

We live in a world where it’s sexist and derogatory to mention femininity and beauty, forcing the hand of bastards who simply despise the very products they work on to violently change it and everything else that happens to offend them in translation and more often than not these faggots simply get away with it.

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