Sony Wastes $3.6Billion on Retarded Bungie Acquisition
1 February 2022

Soyny fangays rejoice!

In an obvious act of retaliation for Microsoft blowing up the presses with their acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Sony thought they could ignite a similar spark by purchasing Bungie, formally of the Activision stronghold for the sum of $3.6 Billion dollars.

As mentioned before as Microsoft bought out Activision, the eventually of the video games industry as a whole would be that these publishers and developers would be unified under gigantic mega-kike corporations, such is the case with Take Jew Interactive buying out Zynga just a few short weeks ago for almost $13 Billion dollars.

Unification of game developers and publishers under what few small companies that can actually afford to merge these overinflated corporations would highlight all that is wrong with the video games industry as gaymes will continue to degrade in overall quality combined with the push of equality in them, overall this should in theory alert the soyim gaymers that their beloved gaymes are created by individuals that despise them so.

Now for Sony to buy out Bungie is probably the most bizarre and wasteful purchase they could’ve possibly made, Bungie for instance have fallen right off the cliff of faggotry since the release of Destiny and Destiny 2 as the company continues to milk their most recent title with drip fed DLC content.

While they haven’t actually made a new game in over half a decade Bungie has pushed for inclusivity non-stop as they continue to progressively get more woke with each addition to the Destiny franchise with the company standing behind the domestic terrorist organization known as “Black Lives Matter” with “inclusion clubs” under the pretext of “Blacked at Bungie”.

Simply because there aren’t enough niggers in the world that continue to play soulless trash such as Destiny 2, Bungie decided to try for a more pozz-itive reception by doubling down on their inclusive groups with “Trans at Bungie” and “Women at Bungie”.

While Microsoft now has Activision Blizzard under their fold, Sony fangays will just have to settle with Bungie and their non-exclusive Destiny 2, because as we’re all aware when a company flies the rainbow flag the last thing they’ll take pride in is the quality of their work.

SEGA has been in turmoil in recent times, as the company itself is set to begin restructuring as SEGA is set to relinquish their arcade business entirely as it sells its last remaining shares of “SEGA Entertainment” to GENDA who’ll then rebrand them to “GiGO”.

Why is this relevant you may ask? Well when I mentioned how these sorts of game developers and or publishers will all soon be unified entirely? SEGA as a business allegedly has a net worth of $3.6 Billion dollars, with the likes of Capcom edging towards $5 Billion.

Now, instead of buying out Bungie and their one trick pony, rather than try and make headlines with this retarded purchase Sony could’ve quite possibly forked over a little bit more cash in potentially buying out the likes of SEGA or even Capcom.

Now something of that magnitude would surely be considered glorious from religious Sony fanatics who are that fucking retarded they now believe that Halo will soon be a PlayStation exclusive from having acquired Bungie as seen from this barbaric Twitter thread.

Sony would’ve been far better off having purchased the likes of SEGA or even Capcom outright given that they’d now find themselves in control of a vast amount of intellectual property of which to bastardize and exclude from competing platforms.

But I guess Sony just doesn’t know how to handle money as they’re instead burning $3.6 Billion dollars on buying out Bungie who themselves proclaim that they will continue to publish and develop their games independently as they drive towards a “unified” Bungie community regardless of the platform they wish to play.

So, rather than absorbing plentiful IP’s of which to utilize Sony wishes instead to blow it all away on a woke studio producing one of the gayest gaymes of the modern generation…. that won’t be an exclusive on PlayStation, at least not until Bungie make themselves another faggotized new IP to milk consumers with.

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