Sony PlayStation Game Sales in Rapid Decline, Game Sales HALVED in Two Years
9 October 2022
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Sony once again find themselves buried in a pile of shit following their radical decision to increase system prices for the PlayStation 5 console worldwide, except for America where the console actually does sell, citing “inflation” as the main cause all the while Sony have gone to extreme lengths to minimize production costs of the PS5 system.

Unethical Jewish business tactics aside, not only isn’t the PlayStation 5 console selling but it would seem that Sony are having quite the difficult time when it comes to actual game sales for PlayStation as a whole, resulting in a serious loss of profit.

We’ve covered this before, which explains perfectly as to why Sony are shifting their entire focus for PlayStation….. away from the PlayStation, with a large emphasis being pinned on PC game releases of formally first party exclusive titles, Sony are hedging their bets towards a more mobile focused lineup moving forward from 2025.

Sony’s CFO, Hiroki Totoki pinned the blame on the decline of the PlayStation brand as there being a general decline in the console market entirely, gaymers aren’t playing as much on their consoles as they were during the golden age of COVID lockdowns so naturally people aren’t all that incentivized to buy new games, which is total bullshit considering how the Nintendo Switch manages to shift almost a hundred thousand units weekly in Japan alone.

However a recent report from JP highlights the severe decline for game sales on Sony’s PlayStation.

What you are seeing here is a chart, representative of Sony’s general profit from software game sales as seen in blue, valued with the figure of hundred millions of yen, while the red line is representative of total game sales, of which when compared to 2020 Sony’s general profit has shrunk by little over 30% however game sales have dropped by 48.46% in just two years.

This chart includes PS4 and PS5 sales / profit mind you.

This chart is representative of Nintendo’s gross profits and game sales over the same course period as Sony’s PlayStation and it’s fairly clear to see that the latest quarterly result has shown a decline in profit and sales for Nintendo although nowhere near the significance as the reported drops of the Sony PlayStation.

Where over the course of two years Nintendo’s gross profit has dropped by a little bit over 14%, while game sales overall have dropped slightly moreso than that with a 17.88% decline.

It’s pretty clear to see why, Sony have been on a censorship binge for several years now, interjecting with developers and driving away publishers and developers left right and center, the PlayStation 5 system has been both a failure and a tremendous success, with the console itself being overpriced fodder at least in western markets only, particularly America of which SIE is now based, the system has been selling out as fast as they’re produced.

All the while Nintendo Switch has been providing more and more first party titles on the Nintendo Switch, on a massively outdated system that outsells Sony’s PlayStation consoles by a large margin, the Japanese market for instance has all but abandoned Sony as those who continue to stick with them have generally nothing to look forward to besides woke western trash, while the Switch provides ported titles without induced censorship and is generally more accessible to consumers worldwide.

Don’t get me wrong, people are obviously still buying into the PlayStation brand but the overall reason as to why consumers aught to have been diminishing over the past couple of years as exclusive titles have been heading to PC more frequently than ever before, with the latest sales data from Famitsu showcasing new life for the Sony PlayStation with several PS4 titles ranking highly up the weekly sales list for once, with Japanese consumers buying into the latest censored weeb shit and goy fodder such as FIFA, while of course the Nipponese continue to ooze their “ink” over Splatoon 3 with 157,348 copies being sold in just one week alone.

At this rate it’s understandable to assume that Nintendo and their ancient Switch console will leapfrog Sony in terms of game sales on a quarterly basis, possibly even more so whenever Nintendo decides to release a true revised hardware release of their main cash cow prompting more third party interest in the system thanks to vastly superior hardware.

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