Sony Fangays Cope as the PlayStation Loses Yet Another Exclusive to PC
4 June 2022
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Sony recently held its PlayStation “State of Play” event which essentially summarizes and reveals the latest in gayming and woke fantasies mainly for the Playstation 5 and other platforms.

Many titles were announced during the event, such as the more than likely bastardized Resident Evil 4 Remake, not much was actually shone from the short cinematic reveal trailer aside from a rather unpleasant site of the new design of Ashley Graham.

Needless to say, I’m not holding my breath that Crapcom would have put as much thought and effort into the Resident Evil 4 remake as they did with RE2 which of itself had some rather unpleasant character designs if I’m being honest.

Supposed Leaked SF6 Characters

Continuing onwards with Capcom, also announced during the event was Street Fighter 6, destined to feature an all diverse character lineup it’s sure to only please the non-existent gaymers of ResetEra.

It’s fairly safe to assume that Capcom are only continuing forwards with their pledge of inclusive character designs and stereotyping.

A bunch of garbage for the PSVR 2 were also announced but who really cares about virtual reality anyway, many years later it’s still nothing but a niche for primarily pornographic content, actual game announcements come in the forms of The Callisto Protocol, think of this as a proper Dead Space successor if anything. And “Stray“, a game where you play as a cat, so I’m sure the SOnY chuggers would much appreciate that.

But the biggest announcement to come from the State of Play event no doubt comes in the form of Insomniac Games “Marvel’s Spider-Man”, basically aside from Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man was the quintessential game used to promote the cancer that is console exclusivity, on the PlayStation 4.

But of course, given that it’s a Marvel property Insomniac had to continue the pressure of woke garbage by introducing Nigger-Man, The Morales Story which released during the end of 2020 alongside a “remastered” edition of the main game for the PlayStation 5.

The actual news is that 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man, joins the ever growing club of Sony exclusive titles to have jumped ship over towards the PC for additional shekel collection, and the radical fangays of Sony are certainly not taking it lightly.

It’s a shame really, these garbage woke oriented console exclusives such as 2018’s God of War Reboot alongside other once PlayStation exclusive titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Day’s Gone, these once exclusive titles have seemingly flourished on the PC which isn’t much of a surprise considering how gaming as a whole has become increasingly more popular as our once peaceful niche has been invaded by liberals, faggots, women and soy laced children.

Sony, or more specifically the Sony PlayStation actually go on record as having the most dedicated fanboys who clearly aren’t all that accepting of the PC snatching yet another exclusive title making their woke console of SOY all the more redundant.

“The Amazing Lucas”, I’ve no idea who this niggerfaggot actually is but what I do know is that he has amassed over 370,000 subscribers, spams content daily and accumulates fairly solid views on each of his videos.


From his content you can tell that Lucas is nothing more than just another nigger who happens to be a huge supporter of Soyny, fortunately he livestreamed the State of Play event where in vivid detail the moment his fanboy heart seemingly was broken from the Spider-Man PC announcement.

The soy nigger of course screeches loudly upon being presented with the (((Marvel))) logo like any other consoomer of soylent probably would, as the trailer continued onwards his confusion only increased possibly believing at first it to be an announcement for a sequel rather than a PC announcement.

The trailer plays on and the ruse is up, the soy nigger realized that it was in fact the first game all along as Lucas going into denial, his sodium levels going through the roof upon being presented with the splash screen that Marvel’s Spider-Man will be coming to the PC on August 12th 2022.

But of course there’s plenty more butthurt Sony fangays deeply upset over losing yet another exclusive to the PC, with Twitter awash with crazed bastards grasping at straws trying so very hard to not let the tears flow.

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