Sony Continues Hypocritically Lying About PlayStation Being For The Japanese Market
22 August 2021
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It just wasn’t bad enough that Sony effectively moved SIE’s headquarters into the cesspit of degeneracy that is Commiefornia (formally California), but coinciding with that Sony have been pushing a ludicrous censorship policy….. specifically targeting Japanese developers and games while western fuck-fests like The Lesbians of Us Part II simply go on ahead promoting full on mocapped sex scenes which ironically were absent in the Japanese release.

(UPDATED) Sony’s New PS4 Censorship Policy Harms Japanese Developers

With Sony themselves effectively burning as many bridges as possible with Japanese developers over a few short years with the GayStation 4, demanding increased censorship on Japanese titles regardless if the game itself has passed appropriate rating boards such as CERO, such obvious interjecting bullshit has resulted in such Japanese developers refusing to develop future titles on PlayStation systems moving forward as we’ve seen multiple occasions of developers abandoning Sony.

Since SIE’s headquarters were moved to America which coincides with Sony’s new censorship policies which have continued onwards to the point where even gore and dismemberment are now shunned by Sony as we’ve seen with the hilarious censorship of Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!.

Sony have obviously decided to incorporate this bullshit in order to target towards a more mainstream liberal and progressive demographic over in the west, effectively shunning those dirty nipponese, going as far as to switch the button mapping on the PlagueStation 5 by switching the cross and circle buttons to match the western layout.

While SIE have left Japan with the company fucking over Japanese developers, it’s pretty obvious that consumers are understandably outraged over Sony abandoning Japan.

Bullshit – Sony’s “Response” to Bloomberg Report – Makes Claim That Japanese Market Is of “Utmost Importance”

And of course Sony is then forced to say that they in fact “do care” about the Japanese market rather hastily with the barbaric one liner in response to a Bloomberg report citing that Sony doesn’t give a damn about the Japanese by saying that the Japanese market is of the “utmost importance”.

Naturally because modern society represents that of a comedy after stating such an obvious lie, Sony Interactive Entertainment began to swiftly execute its Japanese development studio.

“Japan Is of Utmost Importance” – Sony Interactive Entertainment “Winds Down” JAPAN Studio – Majority of Employees Sacked – Restructured Around Team ASOBI

Once again however Sony wishes to remind us just how much they cherish the Japanese market, developers and video games according to an interview with Game Informer by none other than PlayStation Studios boss, Herman Hulst.

Now obviously the interview itself is entirely bullshit scattered with lies, with Hulst continuing to assert that Sony cherishes Japan by stating.

“I will say that we are in some ways very much a Japanese company still. That’s our heritage. That’s still part of who we are. We love our Japanese games.”

This is a statement many will find to be completely untrue, in some ways Sony continues to be a Japanese company? For the past five years they’ve been actively destroying the works of many with imposed censorship localized only for Japanese titles mind you, they’ve moved the headquarters of Sony Interactive Entertainment to California back in 2016. Japan is their heritage, but it is not their home. Sony is no longer a company that’s simply for the (Japanese) players.

“We love our Japanese games.” says Herman Hulst, technically that’s true, Sony loved the Senran Kagura series so goddamn much that with the imposed censorship they forced onto the developers they’ve absolutely destroyed the entire franchise predominantly with the next major release, Senran Kagura 7EVEN being butchered so much the game is effectively in limbo.

Hulst continued the interview regarding the subject of Sony’s Japan Studio effectively being gutted and rebranded as Team ASOBI citing that Sony is indeed investing into more shitty VR robot games.

“We’re building out Team ASOBI under Nicolas Doucet, so we’re actually investing in that team,” Hulst said. “People forget sometimes that we have Polyphony Digital, which is a team in two locations.”

We are investing in our external development group out of Tokyo as well, and that’s a team that has obviously worked with the likes of FromSoftware and Kojima Productions. So we are very invested in Japanese development, and Japanese development is something that we love… I think it’s such a core part of the PlayStation identity, that I can’t ever see us shy away from Japanese or even Asian development.”

Yes yes, partnering with third party developers with timed exclusives on your shitty system means you really care about Japan, despite all your attempts to outright tarnish the works of the little Japanese studios, with the exception being the likes of Marvelous as Senran Kagura was essentially the last of the fan-service games to have free reign on the GayStation, until it wasn’t.

And it’s all neatly wrapped up in a bow with Herman talking regarding the increased growth of PlayStation Studios moving forward.

“We are investing in the amazing teams we have. We are signing up new developers. We continue to focus on quality. We continue to focus on experiences that in my mind are experiences that matter—that sometimes only could have been created by us. That’s what I stand for. And I will ensure that we’re going to carry on making those.”

Japanese consumers aren’t buying into Sony’s bullshit as game and console sales of the PlayStation 5 absolutely dwindle with Famitsu reporting just over 9000 PS5 consoles were sold over the week of August 9th to the 15th, down on the previous week and being absolutely thrashed in sales figures by Nintendo’s Switch console which during the same timeframe sold 89,734 Switch consoles.

Software sale, or rather game sales tell a similar story with all of the top 30 results being awash with Nintendo Switch game sales, with the lowest going to Super Mario Maker 2 with 3,580 copies sold that week alone. Not one game on a PlayStation system has managed to reach the top 30 two weeks in a row.

It seems at this point the Japanese market finally realizes that their relationship with Sony is nothing short of abusive, with the company outright abandoning the region and spitting into the faces of Japanese developers whenever possible, and the sales charts reflect on that. Sony feels as if they’re obligated to constantly state what obviously isn’t true.

What we do know however is that PlayStation fans are by far the most loyal, and that a shocking amount of console gamers are actually gay which is certainly understandable given Sony’s recent track record of cancerous filth on its consoles such as the previously mentioned TLOU2 and Dream Daddies, a gay dad dating simulator.


And it also explains perfectly well why Sony as a (((corporation))) have taken an extreme stance at being accepted by the LGBT rainbow reich crowd that they’ve been pandering to the gay community and virtue signaling over domestic terrorism groups such as Black Lives Matter.

Video games are not what they used to be and neither is Sony, they’re but a shallow hack of their former selves as they serve no purpose but to actively stifle the last battalion of fan-service which is Japan. All for the greater good of the western populous.

Fuck Sony and Fuck California.

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