Sony Barbarically Censors Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Regarding Horror and Gore
13 July 2021
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Quite awhile ago, back in February to be precise there was a certain GameSpark Japan report that was translated on REEEsetEra that when translated depicted that Sony would be clamping down with additional censorship particularly when it comes to Gore and Dismemberment in video games.

Ironic considering the gorrific “masterpiece” that is The Lesbians of Us 2. But if we know Sony’s track record rest assured that this censorship need only apply to games developed in their former home country of Japan or particularly any sort of western game that features Japanese-esk “anime” art style.

Because Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! recently released for all major consoles from the latest to last generation including the Nintendo Switch and of course the PC.

Sony seemingly has a hard on for imposed censorship when it comes to Japanese games developed for their GayStation consoles or more rather it has now spread to western developed games that resemble the art style of those pesky nips.

Team Salvato, the developers behind Doki Doki Literature Club stated in a blog post upon the day of release for Doki Doki Plus! regarding censorship that there were some changes that had to be made in order to please the subversive faggots over at Sony.

“Hello, everyone! Today I want to talk about censorship–with the news of DDLC Plus coming to consoles like PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, it’s something that a lot of you have asked about. People are worried that based on the game content, DDLC might have certain parts of the game censored, or otherwise altered, in order to comply with the regulations of these platforms.

DDLC contains some highly sensitive content material that is designed to have specific psychological effects. We feel confident in the nuance of DDLC’s content, but we also know that certain platforms might have regulations that we wouldn’t be an exception to.

I had already decided long ago that if I was required to remove specific scenes from DDLC in order to publish it to a platform, then I would not publish it to that platform. And as you know, DDLC Plus is coming to all major consoles, so you can be assured that no scenes have been removed!

However, the PlayStation version of the game has some visual changes to one of the scenes. To avoid spoilers, it’s the scene towards the end of Act 2 in the classroom, just before the weekend starts. I designed the changes myself, and I feel confident in them because I don’t consider the psychological effect of the scene to have been diminished in any way; I wouldn’t have accepted that kind of compromise.

Basically, the change is not a big deal–I just wanted to make everyone aware of it in advance, because I know that DDLC fans will notice it as a difference from the original game. I wanted to avoid a scenario where people would spot the difference and think that the game was unfairly tampered with by some other company.”

The blog post mentions how for release on the Sony PlayStation 4 and 5 a specific scene had to be changed in order to tone down on the violence and gore or more rather in this instance they’ve changed the color of the blood to black while adding static distortion around it as to not psychologically scar the mental midget faggots that own a PlayStation.

Despite the fact that the game is rated “M” for Mature by the ESRB and it has to be said honestly that there’s no such censorship featured on either the PC or Nintendo Switch versions of Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! so in any case the faggots over at Sony can’t possibly pin this shit on CERO but more rather Sony are finally putting their initial plans into action regarding dismemberment and gore because those that only a GayStation are fucking pansies.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! doesn’t feature sexual content though I’m sure that your initial playthrough will be met with dark themes and violence, but specifically there are NO sexual or suggestive content specifically.

But this imposed censorship by Sony is among many other reasons why Japanese customers have seemingly abandoned Sony as they have done with Japan entirely.

I still laugh constantly at how Sony dares to say that Japan is of the utmost importance for them then right after they go and shut down their SIE Japan studio.

And without any sort of censorship on the Nintendo Switch I just find it quite ironic how the system with the appearance of being a child-friendly handheld system goes on record for offering many Mature titles unedited whereas their PlayStation equivalent releases are met with additional censorship, perhaps this is why sales for the Nintendo Switch remain so goddamn high four years onwards while in Japan the Nintendo Switch is outright dominating all other major platforms in terms of sales.

Nintendoes what the Soy wont.

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