Sodo-mites on the Blockchain – Square Enix Secures Partnership With Oasys
15 September 2022

Square Enix is in genuine danger, made all the more obvious considering the only entities keeping the company afloat are their dependence on “Pixel Remasters” and the Final Fantasy franchise of which they have ran into the ground.

Square Enix are clearly desperate for cashflow injections that they’ve sought to secure as many exclusivity contracts as possible with their Final Fantasy VII Demakes, on top of actually having sold various game franchises and their western studios to the infamous (((Embracer Group))) for pennies on the dollar.

When Square Enix sold their studios to the Embracer Group along with several IPs such as Tomb Raider and Deus Ex, Square Enix citied that they would be investing heavily into blockchain technologies, similarly to how Ubisoft have partnered up with Tezos into pushing NFTs into video games.

NFTs in video games is an inevitability if I’m being honest, considering the push towards games being used as a live service filled to the brim with microtransactional content, it would prove to the the ideal environment to deploy blockchain based microtransactional items using digital currencies, all because you’ll own nothing but at least the developers checkbooks will be happy.

I thought Square Enix were taking the piss but apparently not as they’ve now secured a partnership with Oasys and their “Oasys Blockchain”.

Other gullible corporations who’ve signed their death warrant with Oasys include SEGA, Double Jump and Bandai Namco.

Unlike the partnership between Ubisoft and Tezos (XTZ) of which is a proven entity which is actually governed by holders unlike Solana or Avalanche, Oasys is an unknown entity.

Not to be confused with the similarly named Oasis Network (ROSE), Oasys is an upstart, who’ve raised just $20 Million dollars through the private sale of its OAS token, of which cannot be traded on any platforms and has no general form of pricing, the utilitarian token intends to have a total supply of ten billion OAS initially, following the launch of the Oasys mainnet, additional token distribution will be voted on by holders.

The tokenomics of Oasys is rather poor, with the initial supply being the full ten billion tokens of which hopes to make OAS viable for purchase, an insane portion of the tokens levied off to private investors, the development team and staking rewards.

No ICO, zero market cap, no nothing, just another wannabe project trying to make a name for itself through marketing buzzwords such as metaverse and gaming, if we were to assume that the $20 million raised through private sales so far is the 14% of total tokens distributed, that would equate to 1.4 Billion OAS tokens already being sold for the grand sum of 0.014 cents each.

But that’s not generally the case, as majority of the tokens will be gradually released as time goes by, with lower supply at launch this creates artificial demand which propel token prices up much higher than they typically aught to be from minor hikes in trading volume, this however means that the Oasys team makes more money from the project. Hooray.

Blockchain gaming is a farce, the so called “metaverse” is the biggest scam imaginable, I say this because I still remain extremely salty over missing out on the rise of GALA Games specifically because of extremely high ETH gas fees at the time.

Considering how there’s no proposed plans of an ICO of Oasys, and how it seems to be another failed startup project in the making it excites me to no end knowing that Square Enix, a company that’s hemorrhaging funds left and right have decided to burn even more money in this retarded crypto project.

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