“Slava Ukraini!” is The Quintessential Game for Sheeple to Show Political Allegiance
29 May 2022
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Steam, we all know about the Steam store and how Valve is certainly no stranger to promoting endless degeneracy combined with floods of shovelware trash on its platform, considering how (((Gabe Newell))) himself is a dirty old kike it’s not much a surprise really. Unless of course that degeneracy happens to come from the country of Japan in which case it’s swiftly banned.

Since the start of this scheme of a “war” between Ukraine and Russia which serves no other purpose than to protect the financial benefits of America’s own political lobbying, since the start of this nonsensical war just about every single corporation effectively picked up their yellow and blue flags of pride as they virtue signal their stance against the Russian invasion.

Game developers specifically have gone as far as to completely fuck over Russian gamers (who shockingly didn’t pirate their game) by revoking sales of their games on the Steam store, the likes of Microsoft and CD Projekt Red did just that.

Well, there’s a new form of brownie point collecting for all the fine gaymers of Steam with the most “ambitious” video game to release over the current year.

Slava Ukraini! is a free-to-play video game that was released on the 24th of May.

Developed for the cause of political pandering and not at all a cryptocurrency miner, rest assured that developers “Thor Gaming”, makers of other masterpieces such as Pandemic Crisis has your back during this time of strife for JUSTICE.

Unsurprisingly, their latest asset flip based on worldwide political events has shown to be their most popular to date, with over 200 reviews for Slava Ukraini! showcasing that Steam itself is nothing but a communal hub of faggots.

Because of course, by some miracle Slava Ukraini! manages a “Mostly Positive” rating from various reviews that merely boil down to NPC’s supporting the current narrative of being anti-Russia.

Made using Unity, because of course it is. Even for a compilation of repackaged assets, visually speaking the game is technologically and visually outdated, with less overall vertices than the Ukrainian flag it’s massively outshined in quality by Call of Duty 2 which released in 2005.

But of course, graphics mean nothing in a game that’s more focused on promoting a political agenda, with the main menu consisting of buttons slapped over the Ukrainian flag with “Russian Warship go fuck yourself” plastered in the background, the game itself is fairly straightforward.

Slava Ukraini consists of copy paste “scenarios” that perfectly encapsulates Ukrainian soldiers, as you’re plastered in position and given a verity of weapons with the objective to take out forces of Russian soldiers and tanks, the entire game boils down into mere seconds of shooting before you’re unsympathetically killed in action.

The game itself only serves the purpose of being the ideal video game to have plastered on your Steam profile if you are of the Liberal NPC verity of faggot, certainly the game of choice for any Steam forum community moderator.

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