Skate Reboot is Free 2 Play – Capitalizing Upon Generation Z With Predatory Microtransactions Says Estrogenic Arts
9 August 2022
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In a shocking twist that absolutely everybody saw coming, especially after the extraordinary “success” EA have had following Battlefield 2042 and Apex Lesbians, the rushed Skate reboot will unfortunately be F2P.

Skateboarding as a medium has been in decline for over a decade now, who could’ve foreseen trends laid out by millennials would eventually lose its fire and fanbase as time moves onwards, specifically towards my younger generation.

However it’s the cries of such people who seemingly haven’t grasped the concept that the modern video game is merely a shitty canvas full of political pandering and agenda shoving, no longer are games made simply for pure enjoyment but rather the trend has devolved into a scheme to generate income after purchase through microtransactions and regular drip fed content.

The Skate reboot will be entirely free to play, because if something is free, YOU are the product.

Considering how Black Box has long since been dissolved, just another studio tarnished by EA’s mismanagement and overworking schedule, the Skate reboot will instead be developed by a completely new studio, Full Circle.

Full Circle is a Vancouver based studio opened by Estrogenic Arts sometime last year specifically for this purpose, with no general background you know we’re in good hands. Because these millennial sadists, desperate their tears demanded a continuation of the Skate franchise that had been abandoned following the release of Skate 3 back in 2010.

They’ve gotten their wish with the aforementioned Skate reboot, yet another franchise having its grave robbed for means of profit.

Because you know it’s going to be shit.

Full Circle general manger, Dan McCulloch had this to say regarding Skate. and the Judaic potential of microtransactions.

“Yes, there will be microtransactions in the game. We knew that to support a never-ending, ever-evolving, free-to-play world of Skate, we’d have to look into different models for the game itself

Gamers that come back regularly will discover new things. Our dream is that Skate never ends. And in order to do that, we’ll be actively supporting Skate with new gameplay elements and tweaks, new content releases and events and lots of seasonal drops,”

The hilarious reasoning as to why the Skate reboot will undoubtedly contain microtransactions following a free-to-play approach is undoubtedly because of the lucrative profit games of all kinda manage to earn in the (((current year))).

With Estrogenic Arts’ own CEO, Andrew Wilson promoting this redirection of the Skate franchise as targeting Generation Z and “Generation Alpha”.

One of the most important growth potential that we have as a company is how we show up for Gen Z and Gen Alpha players, how they socially connect, how they consume content. There’s been a significant focus from the team on this,”

How they consume content is certainly a highlight, the absolute chutzpah is off the fucking charts, my generation of gaymers, raised on soylent greed have been brought up feminized into the ideal consumer mindset, women.

The very reasoning as to why all games evidentally become free-to-play or at least push microtransactional content within is simply down to the kind that eventually plays such games and pulls out their credit card.

My generation is full of weak minded feminized consumers, hopping from the latest hyped trash to the next and are more than happy to buy the latest seasonal cosmetics.

“We continue to see Gen Alpha and Gen Z turning to games as their primary form of entertainment, consuming more content than any generation of the past. They love playing with friends. They stay connected with family. And they’re creating content at every turn, both in and around their entire gaming experience.

When we look at Skate, I think what happened is our ambitions have continued to grow. As you’ve seen what the team has been able to do around that experience, I think we continue to see opportunity.

Skateboarding is kind of a cultural language for many generations. It transcends so many things, certainly geography and as we think about the ability to bring a global community of youth together through the language of skateboarding, we think this represents one of the biggest and strongest opportunities we have to build a global online community deeply engaged in a world that involves creativity both from us and from them experiencing what starts out as skateboarding and almost certainly reaches more deeply into the cultural sensibilities of a generation.

Skateboarding has been a dying fad since Generation Z(yklon) has been a thing in the public mind, even still what’s exactly stopping those who can think outside of a consumer mindset from emulating and playing something such as Skate 2 or even Skate 3.

Exactly what is stopping those who wish to play such games from actually enjoying themselves with the infamous Tony Hawk franchise of skateboard titles such as with the Underground revolution that is ThugPro, entirely free to download by the way.

You know it, I know it, the Skate. reboot will be undoubtable garbage, headed by some noname studio and focused moreso on Jewish predatory practices such as drip fed monetization it’s a guaranteed train wreck.

And yet I’m pretty damn well sure it will be a commercial success no matter how broken or shitty the game itself will be, with Activision Blizzard making a killing through the microtransactions of the Chinese Diablo Immortal mobile game, no matter how much bad press it got.

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