Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Review Bombed Following Price Cut
8 February 2022
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Shadow of the Tomb Raider released on September 14th on Xbox One, PS4, and on Steam for PC. On October 16th the game received a massive 34% off discount on the main game, which originally cost $59.99 but has now been marked down to $39.59. The Croft Edition bundle pack also saw a discount, being marked down by 47% off, bringing the $109 bundle down to just $58.79, meaning that it would be cheaper to buy the most expensive bundle pack now than it would have been to buy the standard game at launch.

The deep discount so soon after the release of the game caused a lot of strife within the gaming community, particularly Steam users who expressed their frustrations by thumbing down the game causing it to have a mixed rating on Steam.

According to OSTROG, they mention that the biggest issue people have is that the game’s middling content coupled with the deep discount just barely a month removed from its release has spurred a lot of anger from within the community.

In response people have complained that not only is the game marked down but so is the DLC, the special editions, and the season pass, making them rather angry for having paid full price for the game at launch.

Gamers are also finally waking up to the realization that the new Tomb Raider reboot trilogy is a far cry in quality from what they originally thought. Lara Croft as a character has been completely ruined by turning her into a bipolar, neurotic, psychopath.

The realization didn’t finally hit gamers until the discount took place just a month after the release of the game, and then gamers were able to finally piece together just how regressive Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal have portrayed Lara.

Maybe now gamers will recognize that the reboots were never really proper depictions of Lara Croft as a worthwhile or memorable heroine, especially since she spent more time crying and whining than being heroic.

Either way, early adopters are angry about Square Enix shortchanging them with the discount. The publisher probably discounted it early because it’s off to a rather poor sales start, according to Steam Spy, and Square thought to help bolster sales with a discount. The plan basically backfired because now a lot of month-one buyers are feeling about as spurned as a Liberal male feminist who haphazardly comes across his wife on

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