Samurai Maiden’s Pantyshots Somewhat Censored – Features Questionable Localization
3 December 2022

Samurai Maiden is a game that I’ve been rather looking forward to amongst a barrage of endless Kosher crap and faggotry that has released this year, Samurai Maiden is a hack and slash action game featuring busty girls in the Sengoku Period, with gameplay similarly to Senran Kagura.

Developed by SHADE and published by D3, the game itself has already been released in Japanese regions, Samurai Maiden comes to the west on December 8th on Nintendo Switch, Soyny Playstation 4 / 5 and the PC.

Needless to say, this is an easy sell for degenerates alike, especially considering how the game at least since its initial reveal showcased the marvels up upskirt “pantsu” during gameplay.

However recent trailers tossed and turned between showcasing exposed undergarments alongside a censored alternative that shows a black void instead, with no genuine answer regarding whether or not panty shots were to be censored we may finally have an answer following the Japanese release of the game.

The Nintendo Switch is normally more welcoming of suggestive features that Microsoft and most certainly Sony would ever dare allow on its SoyStation console platforms, however it had been uncovered that even in the Japanese copy of the game for the Nintendo Switch that character panty shots will turn into a black void if the player attempts to pause the game.

A minor hinderance considering how during raw gameplay the panty shots remain exposed.

Furthermore, if the player attempted to sneak a peak on the underside of the female cast of Samurai Maidens with the in-game photo mode, they too will be met with a black void rather than illusive digital panties for perverts to stare at.

This isn’t a terrible revelation, under normal gameplay everything is fine and is as intended, only when the game is halted by nefarious means is it inherently censored at all, though I’d imagine that there’ll obviously be a mod to resolve this “issue” for the PC version following Samurai Maiden’s western release on the 8th.

I on the other hand am still more than happy to pirate the game regardless as I’m sure Samurai Maidens will be dogpiled by the usual suspects for being “misogynist filth”.

On second thought, perhaps I won’t be entertaining myself by pirating Samurai Maidens after all following leaked snippets of the English translation removing any and all mention of the word “high school girl” instead replacing them with “Gen Z”.

Time to learn Japanese I guess.

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