Samurai Maiden Is Now Playable
21 January 2023
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I don’t think I’ll forgive myself for having a slither of hope when it comes to modernized gaming, with one of the only handful of titles released last year, Samurai Maiden getting a second glance was my mistake.

I was somewhat looking forward to pirating the game and playing it, however before the official PC port could actually release the game itself showed its true colors with nonsensical “Gen Z” localization to be hip and trendy alongside lukewarm censorship of panty shots when the game is paused.

Thankfully, given the sheer strength and willpower of PC modding communities I imagined it would only be a matter of time before the game itself will eventually be modified into a playable state with what little censorship Samurai Maiden had removed alongside an altercation of the in-game dialogue.

The game itself was updated on December 20th, removing the barbaric lolcow-ization as seen previously, while the fine degenerates were extremely quick to provide a decensorship patch for the game on December 8th.

Though of course in a technical sense the localization is still far off from being an accurate translation, while of course the faggot/s responsible for this Gen Z bullshit in the first place more than likely hasn’t been given their marching orders.

The censorship patch for Samurai Maidens requires all of the games additional DLC content, a non-issue if you just so happen to have downloaded a repack of the game at launch, however you’re shit out of luck when it comes to actually harnessing the altered dialogue options as the only version available to download typically just so happens to be the launch version.


Thankfully you’re now able to download an updated copy of Samurai Maiden for absolutely free, including the decensorship patch with “fixed” English dialogue from NYAA.

NYAA is one of those few infamous torrenting websites that focuses entirely on Anime, Manga and whatever else to satisfy the gaijin weeaboo, needless to say I download from there frequently.

While not as polished or “visually enticing” as say Senran Kagura, Samurai Maiden does provide its own unique charm with its prolific yuri combat scenes and now the game can be pirated with all of its garbage censorship removed.

So in case you has prior reservations about pirating the game considering the somewhat censored panty shots and the garbage localization, though you’re still getting cucked no Nobunaga in case you wanted to reconsider trying Samurai Maiden, the degenerates of Lovers Lab have kindly lent a hand with various forms of in-game nude modifications if that floats your boat.

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