Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin Outsells 2-to-1 on Nintendo Switch Over PS4 After Nintendo Convinces XSEED to Make The Switch
16 November 2020
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Welcome to the rice fields motherfucker.

Another day, another reason to bash Soyny and their dying PlagueStation brand. And today is no different with the recent release of Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin onto the PC, PlayStation 4 and most notably the Nintendo Switch.

Developed by indie developers Edelweiss and published by XSEED Games who have had quite the extensive history dealing with the bullshit that is Sony’s ruthless censor happy globalized polices.

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin essentially boils down to a rather unorthodox mixture of action, platforming and rice farming simulation that actually comes off as being calming and enjoyable. The side-scrolling action

Originally announced back in 2017, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin was set to launch only for the PC and PlayStation 4 with no consideration for a planned Nintendo Switch release.

That was until XSEED Games executive vice president Kenji Hosoi was effectively reached out to on multiple occasions to consider the development of a Nintendo Switch port. There was hesitation at first as it would impact upon the game’s planned schedule and release but it would seem that the gamble has paid off big time as sales for the Nintendo Switch version are almost double that of PS4 sales.

Kenji Hosoi had this to say to Siliconera:

“Initially our plan was to release on PC and PS4 only, but after Sakuna was announced as being in the works, our Nintendo contact at the time reached out to us on more than one occasion to consider releasing the game on the Nintendo Switch as well.

We were initially hesitant on the first few reach-outs, as it just was not part of the original plan and we would have had to reschedule everything, but after multiple talks with Nintendo and hearing how passionate they were about the game, we ultimately decided to release the game on the Switch as well.

That wasn’t an easy ask for Edelweiss, but we all agreed that Switch would be a great platform for the game. In hindsight, we’re glad we took their request seriously as we have nothing but appreciation towards Nintendo for actively showcasing the game, and in terms of sales impact, we’re seeing great launch orders on the Switch – about a 2-to-1 over PS4.”

The decision of XSEED and the small Edelweiss studio to port Sakuna onto the Nintendo Switch has worked out quite well for them. With Sony effectively abandoning Japanese developers and consumers in actual fact Nintendo have been extensively marketing Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin with tones of trailers and gameplay footage.

It really makes me happy to see a Japanese company such as Nintendo actively backing and supporting Japanese developers in the case of Sakuna, it’s no wonder why sales for the Nintendo Switch are double that of the PS4 with so much marketing frequently being pushed by Nintendo.

Nintendo are actively approaching these developers to bring their titles onto their platform. That is a winning strategy, and quite frankly any developer who willingly refuses Nintendo’s advances and sticks to Soyny’s exclusivity deals deserves the same treatment as Sony themselves.

Sony wouldn’t dare actively showcase anything with the slightest hint of fanservice or anything that looks like it comes from Japan. Soyny only shill for western pozzed trash like Dream Daddy or The Lesbians of Us II.

You’re able to enjoy Sakuna and all of its side-scrolling action and rice rice-farming glory right now on PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch and PlagueStation 4 or if you live in Jewrope you can experience Sakuna: Of Rice of Ruin on Novemeber 20th.

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