SAINTS ROW Reboot is The Pinnacle of Woke Faggotry
22 April 2022
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It would appear that Volition actually put in quite some effort into their upcoming Saints Row Reboot following its delay, and by effort I mean doubling down on the woke progressive cancer which we’ve seen from its initial reveal.

Given that the Saints Row revival was set to launch in February, alongside Elden Ring no less, the decision to delay the game enrages me so as it ensures that initially the game certainly wouldn’t launch dead on arrival.

Video games over the past decade or so have gradually fallen off a cliff, not just in terms of actual quality and enjoyment but also morally as well. Depictions of an all white cast, masculine men, women with femininity are greatly frowned upon these days.

So much so for this upcoming woke reboot, Volition deemed it necessary to rename iconic locations such as “Rim Jobs” and “Freckle Bitches” as to not offend their target audience of gay millennials.

At this point we have lived long enough to watch beloved franchises get kiked to the core as the IP is then used as a means of pushing political agendas with aforementioned woke characteristics and pandering to “gender dysphoric” mental midgets.

Women in video games have transitioned from being women into disfigured she-hulk lesbians in their 50’s, the initial announcement of Saints Row showcased a hideous black bull dyke as the main protagonist, but the latest trailer simply blows other gaymes away with its sheer amount of woke customization.

However Volition have instead “blessed” us with a brand new trailer for their upcoming woke fest that is the SAINTS ROW reboot highlighting just how extensive the faggotized, niggerized, feminized and bastardized character customization can be.

Apparently it’s supposed to be a woman. Who knew?

The thumbnail for the trailer itself gives us a pretty good depiction about the sheer amount of faggotry that lies within, because of course, if you desire you can be your own feminized twink vampiric gay elf.

Not even a mere second into the trailer and we’re already welcomed with an ugly black woman brandishing cornrow pigtails, spandex and rainbow suspenders.

Right then after it cuts to exactly the sort of bull dyke lesbian we’ve come to expect from video games over the last few years, the independent middle aged lesbian, a fine mixture of old dyke and a certain Cyberpozz video gayme.

Of which the SAINTS ROW reboot certainly puts it to shame in terms of how diverse the customization can truly be.

The trailer is absolutely just filled with niggers, bastardized women and of course faggotized men.

Here you can see a transgender black ma’am sporting godly attire and robotic limbs pummeling the shit out of an equally horrific nigger dyke, perhaps for mispronouncing Xer’s gender.

Individualized customization of clothing attire and color is quite extensive, hair color and tones can also be adjusted moreso than previous installments. This of course helps immensely for faggot gaymers craving to make their disfigured selves in-game.

Guns can also be customed with unique patterns, models and more, but at this point who really gives a shit.

The Saints Row franchise is ogre.

Vehicle customization also takes a major focus in the Woke Row reboot, with plethroa of different paints, body kits and customizations available for all of the 80 vehicles present in the game, on the roads to the skies and the ocean, all of it can be customed.

Just as all of the characters are disgusting freak shows of nature.

Though I guess the saying still goes for when your custom character is being featured in a cutscene.

The latest Saints Row “Customization” trailer is five minutes of pure woke faggotry and cringe, lesbo and neon galore.

However it also services as another thing entirely, of all the garbage faggotized and bastardized games that have been released over the last few years in terms of just how “diverse” the woke pandering is, the Saints Row reboot hasn’t just doubled down on faggotry.

Truly, a quality product.

But more rather the Saints Row reboot SCREAMS faggotry, the game itself isn’t just another gay woke game but instead it’s THE gay woke game. The Saints Row reboot is unquestionably the most pozzed pile of rubbish ever to be unleashed upon the gayming industry, it’s setting new standards in faggotry for sure.

Consoomer reception of the trailer itself is still negative, but despite how all simul-posts of the trailer on various gayming outlets have received thousands of dislikes, overall and most upsetting is that at least for now the trailers themselves are majorly positive.

Even if by a slim margin the thought that people are into this kind of rubbish makes me sick, because the comment sections on said trailer uploads are filled with niceties as well.

Though I’m one for believing that this cancerous reboot will cement the dissolution of Volition entirely, with the Saints Row reboot flopping just as hard as Agents of Mayhem, unless of course its parent company, Deep Silver undoubtedly strikes a deal with the cancerous communist regime of Epic Games with exclusivity for sale on the Epic Gaymes Store.

SAINTS ROW as you know it is dead and buried, it has been since Saints Row The Third, there could be some solace in perhaps one day we may get a playable PC port of Saints Row 2 however that will never be the case with the last honest Volition developer, Mike Watson, creator of the Gentlemen of the Row essential mod, tragically lost his life to cancer back in August of 2021.

The legacy of the Saints Row franchise has been morphed into what has become the pinnacle of identity politics, the pinnacle of kike faggotry.

(Special thanks to “Latexbeatsnud1ty” for this disgusting woke cancer)

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